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Some news

Hi Everyone,

Just a few tidbits…..

Another iGive check was received, this check was for $62.10, pretty nice having them come in regular now.

We were are wondering how the Pedigree “donate a bag of dog food” program was going to work, the big semi didn’t pull up to deliver, instead they sent coupons for free bags of Pedigree, how simple can that be! Along with the coupons were thank you post cards; with Oliver on the front, Oliver is that cute litter terrier they have on their commercials, pre addressed with the donor’s name/address and already stamped ready to be mailed. Pretty cool program. For those not familiar; you can donated a 22# bag of Pedigree to our shelter for the low cost of $9.99, Pedigree will match the donation so we will get 44# of dog food for your $9.99.

Tom and Carol just sent off some pretty heavy boxes of cartridges so we should be getting some hefty cartridge checks. Thank you Tom and Carol, storing and packing those are a pain.

We received another Christmas mailing check, still amazes me!!

Need a haircut? There is a new hair salon in Hillman, actually new ownership, it’s called “A Cut Above” owned by Barbara Russos. They are having a fundraiser this Saturday with the proceeds going to ECAS, if you need a cut or other service go between 11-12 am for your service to be donated to us, she is right next to Lickety Splits in Hillman. Barbara is a dog lover, especially Yellow Labradors, she helps out with the Leader Dog Program in Rochester. She would be willing to help place Labradors (Black or Yellow) that come into the shelter!

All for now, hope the weather warms up and everyone has a great weekend (don’t forget to show up to work if you volunteered to help out at the garage sale pick up/drop off days)

Sincerely Pauline Hancock President Elk Country Animal Shelter

If you would like to be removed from this email list please let me know

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