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Spay & Neuter Services

Every year, 5-10 million unwanted pets are euthanized in the United States.

This includes approximately 25% "purebred" animals. A male dog will roam miles in order to find a female dog in heat. He risks getting hit by a car or shot because he is a nuisance and/or aggressive. Male cats will mate up to three times in a forty-eight hour period, and will spray and fight in order to mate. The best way to keep shelter populations down and to make your pets happier and healthier is spaying and neutering.

An unspayed female cat will go in and out of heat, yowling, being downright annoying until she mates, and both females cats and dogs risk ovarian and breast cancer if they go unspayed.

Being a responsible pet owner means making an appointment today to have your pet spayed or neutered. If you are still not convinced that your pet should be spayed or neutered, check the additional benefits here.

The greatest gift you can give your pet is this procedure!


Male Cat - $ 60
Female Cat - $ 95



Under 45lbs - $100
45lbs-90lbs - $110
Over 90lbs - $120


Under 45lbs - $100

45lbs-90lbs - $120

Over 90lbs - $135

Other Services

Heartworm test - $25

Blood Chemistry test - $50+ (depending on test)

Dental test - $125+ (depending on test)

Feline test - $25

Vaccines - $10

Microchip - $25

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