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  • Pauline Hancock

Merry Christmas


So many exciting things have been happening for the dogs at the Sheriffs dept., the Hillman 2nd and 6th graders used their own Christmas money to buy toys, food, collars, treats, cleaning supplies, and many other gifts plus $155.00 in cash, these kids were truly unselfish and gave from their hearts.

The Courthouse put up a tree to hang donations of mittens and socks for kids and under the tree a place for gifts for the dogs at the Sheriffs dept., they too collected quite a generous amount of gifts, food treats, collars, toys and cleaning supplies.

A very sweet lady came into the Sheriffs dept. to drop off a sock full of pennies tied with a simple red ribbon for the Christmas mailing, in honor of her dog Duke! (“the sock is clean”, she said three times as she wanted to make sure we knew she wouldn’t give us a dirty stocking). It touches the heart to know just how much people care about the dogs and cats that are homeless.

Speaking of homeless dogs, there is one that is no longer homeless, Max! He had been at the kennel for almost 9 months, his wish to Santa for a home came true, he was neutered and micro-chipped before taking his 4 hour ride to his new home downstate. He is doing great in his new home, fitting right in with the other two dogs, Henry and Hercules (both rescues, Henry came from the Sheriffs Department also) and their kitty. Max is truly blessed this holiday.

The Santa pet pictures were so much fun, we got to meet many dogs, cats, a couple of rabbits and I think there was even a Guinea Pig in the mix. Santa was great, the pictures were fantastic thanks to Tom Young and his photography skills, and the elves were very helpful (not to mention cute as buttons), even Patches AKA Jeff was in on the act. We took in $1,146.00 for the 4 locations, $637.00 was generated at Wags to Wiskers in Gaylord; now that was a busy day for us all, but what fun we had! Not only did Wags to Wiskers let us come into their store and set up our Santa studio but they also collected $150.00 in donations and sold $258.00 of ECAS clothing. They invited us for 2 days next year.

We are very lucky to have the help of these teenagers, they not only did their elfly duties, they stuffed most of the 6000 Christmas mailing cards (all in one evening I might add), they will lend a hand at any event we have, un-loading our tubs of goods and loading them back up again, collecting cans and turning them in for cash for the shelter, they have helped us all year through with whatever we ask and we are very lucky to have their help.

The Christmas mailing is growing by the day, we have received over $4100.00 so far, the amount of cards that show up in our little post office box is amazing! Every day it pretty much jam packed with cards, the support of the community is astonishing, this is such an exciting time of year for the shelter.

We also received a $465.00 check from the Eagles Ladies Auxiliary, they took up collections at their Halloween party and split the proceeds between us and the Sheriff’s department first responders. Honored to have been chosen as one of their charities of choice. Thank you Eagle Ladies!

We are very thankful this holiday season for all the gifts we receive for the dogs and cats that need our help!

Merry Christmas! This is truly a magical time of year.

Sincerely Pauline Hancock President Elk Country Animal Shelter

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