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  • Pauline Hancock

Boy oh Boy we have lots of news!!

The Montmorency County Fair is over and we did FANTASTIC! The booth raised $942.00 in sales of T-shirts, doggie coats, a couple of memberships, and donations; there was a man from Detroit that just lost his beloved dog that was a shelter rescue and he gave us $100.00 for our efforts. Our raffle ticket sales for the week was over $1,600.00. Yee Ha on ticket sales! Some of you may know that Carla Gardner handles the 4-H food entries at the fair, for the past several years she has baked cookies (very yummy one’s I must add) and sold them as a donations to the shelter, she has her own jar she collects the money in and this year she had collected $93.86 for the shelter; we really appreciate what Carla does for the shelter plus we always know where to get the best treats at the fair. We had a great week, lots of fun, met many new people and saw many of our faithful supporters, everyone we talked to is excited about the spring ground breaking!

We had a group of teenagers that went out into the community and collected bottles and cans for the shelter and raised a whopping $254.00, do you know how many cans that is? 2,540 cans or bottles……………they had bag after bag and turned them in at the store and brought us the money, we appreciate all the time and effort that went into this along with the slight embarrassment at the can machine when the alarm would keep going off because it was full….again.

We also collected $67.64 for recycle day at Briley Twp. Park, thanks to Chris Moe and Robin Smiley for taking time out of their day to spend it there representing the shelter.

Wags to Wiskers collected $90.00 in their little shelter dog house, I believe this is the most profitable box we have ever had, we appreciate Wags to Wiskers for allowing our collection box to sit so prominently on their counter and for all the support they give the shelter and the dogs that need us so desperately. Speaking of Wags to Wiskers we would like to introduce Rochelle Haeussler the owner of Wags to Wiskers as our new appointed Board Member and Secretary! Welcome aboard Rochelle, she comes to us bringing a business management degree, a true understanding of what an animal shelter is, love and dedication to the animals, and endless energy; she always promotes every event we have, every pet of the week by hanging the flyer and by telling her customers about that dog in need of a home, we are honored to have as part of our team.

We also received a check for $97.50 from recycling cartridges, all this money goes to the medical fund for the animals, this fund helps the sick and injured dogs that need us, please keep recycling those cartridges, it very well may save a dogs or cats life!

A Big THANK YOU to all that keep the Elk County Animal Shelter moving forward The Elk Country Animal Shelter facility will be more than just a place to house dogs and cats that need us, it will be a community center that revolves around animals and their proper care.

Sincerely Pauline Hancock President Elk Country Animal Shelter

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